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Addressing Environmental Contaminants and Their Effects on Human Health

On Demand

This is a 2 CDROM course. Click the course title to launch the ordering information page from Michigan.
You will need to order from them directly. The Michigan Public Health Training Center is pleased to offer to you at no charge if mailed within the US. If you would like to apply for the continuing education credits, there will be a charge of $45 for the credits. This self-paced course based on the popular workshops held in Michigan in Spring 2004 is presented on a 2-disc CD-ROM. This course covers concerns of common environmental contaminants and their potential effects on human health. Presentations will be included on mold lead mercury and pesticides all of which are found in the home the community and the workplace. This course is taught in five modules. When you have finished with the CD-ROM modules, choose "mark complete" from the action menu in the Learning Center of your Workspace in the LMS to indicate you have finished with this course.

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